Threads in Programming

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  • The process starts with a single thread [Primary Thread] and later can create more Thread from any of its Threads.
  • A process has at least one thread
  • All Threads of a Process have to access its memory and System resources


  • The smallest unit of execution to which processor allocates time
  • Program Counter: (contains the address of the next instruction to be executed)
  • a Stack
  • Set of registers
  • A unique id
  • However, a thread itself is not a program. It cannot run on its own but runs within a program

Threads VS Process

  • Threads are easier to create than processes since they don’t require a separate address space.
  • Threads are considered lightweight because they use far fewer resources than processes.
  • Processes are typically independent, while threads exist as subsets of a process
  • Processes have separate address spaces, whereas threads share their address space
  • Context switching between threads in the same process is typically faster than context switching between processes.

Thread Life-cycle diagram

  • Ready
  • Running
  • Sleeping
  • Waiting
  • Dead
  • Blocked

In the next article, we will see the coding implementation of Thread in Java




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Parathan Thiyagalingam

Parathan Thiyagalingam

A passionate in Tech

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